Your Essential Life Choices

What are the essential elements of your life? How have the specific choices you have made created your life as it is now? What is of greatest value to your life, without which your life would be diminished? Surely this list would include your closest and dearest relationships, your deeply held values and faith, your personally unique gifts and talents, your living environment, to name but a few.
For me, the essential elements of my life include my family and dearest friendships, my faith and spiritual journey, living with moral and ethical behavior, enjoying the closeness of nature in my environment including my pets, and the talents and abilities I have been blessed with.
Employing my talents and abilities in order to bring benefit and enjoyment to others gives my life purpose, direction and joy.
Of the choices and decisions we make each day, even the seemingly minor choices affect our essential being.
As an artist, and a teacher-coach-facilitator of personal development, I have discerned seven categories which comprise essential focus areas of our lives.
These are: gratitude & generosity, relationships & conversation, knowledge & education, work & life contribution, spiritual grounding & faith, integrity & self-worth, and passing the candle (teaching our children).
I call these categories the Essential Life Choices.
Each of these categories, or choices, offers us parameters and guidelines for our decisions.
Each one is necessary for our lives to be not only fulfilled and worthwhile, but healthy and useful to society today and into the future.
It is not as much a "choice" to give consideration to these areas, as it is our responsibility.
Part of our responsibility as rational and functional beings is to be conscious of our impact on the world we are living in today as well as what we teach our children and the legacy we leave for them.
As part of my commitment to being true to my own integrity and responsible for my decisions and choices, each of these Essential Life Choices categories has become a touchstone for daily life and work.
It is my intention to explore in depth each of these categories in an effort to share and teach others how to more fully discern their life purpose and the unlimited potential for multiplying the positive impact we all can have.
At no time in human history has it been more urgent and important to assert conscious responsibility for our lives and our choices, but also to take decisive action for the benefit of others.
Information is disseminated around the globe in a fraction of a second, for both good and ill.
Our children are exposed to temptations and opportunities never before dreamed of.
Education and knowledge are universally available, often at the simple click of a key.
By considering deeply each of the seven Essential Life Choices, and by implementing the basic principles into our lives, we can more fully participate in guiding the direction of the future for generations to come.
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