The Hard Truth About Stomach Fat

One of my main chores that I do every weekend is visit my local supermarket to stock up on fresh fish, lean meats, fruits and vegetables for the week ahead...
This weekend though it seemed far busier than usual and gave me a chance to people watch and have a good look at what they were putting in their shopping trolleys.
I'd say that at least 65% of the people in the store we're obese and looking in their trolleys I was very sad at what I saw.
Their trolleys were filled up with the foods that helped them get to the unhealthy size they all were, stuff like cakes, white breads, ready meals, each trolley I walked past the list of 'non' foods just went on and on...
It made me so sad and I had the urge to stop people and say WHY ARE YOU EATING THAT CRAP, DON'T YOU REALISE WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOUR BODIES?! But I am pretty sure they wouldn't have thanked me for that!! It's come to light over the past 10 years both in the media and working with so many women that the stomach is a huge problem area.
Gone are the days when we think it's just men that have the 'beer belly', alarmingly we are seeing more and more women with this problem.
Gaining fat around your tummy is not only disheartening but it's also extremely unhealthy, more so than any other area of your body.
Excess belly fat increases your chances of cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer and diabetes.
The good news is that with certain lifestyle changes you can make your belly fat a thing of the past...
Unfortunately too many women think that the belly fat is limited to the amount of fat you can grab with your hand but it's the fat that you can't see that is a major issue.
There are two types of fat that I'm talking about and the first one is Visceral fat.
Visceral fat lies deep in your abdomen which surrounds the internal organs.
When you gain this type of fat, the problems may start.
As I mentioned it brings with it certain health problems, which is something you definitely don't want! The second type of fat is located between the skin and the abdominal wall and that's the subcutaneous fat.
This is a lot more visible and can be measured with callipers to give you an indication of how much body fat you are carrying.
It certainly doesn't cause problems like Visceral fat does but having too much of it definitely wont give you a lean tight stomach.
OK, if you're experiencing this problem than help is at hand in the shape of ME! Changing your diet, cutting out all processed foods and replacing them with natural, nutritious foods is your first major step.
The next step is to get your body moving on a daily basis.
Circuit training and resistance training should be done at least 3 x each week.
Once you start to make these small changes you will start to have far more energy, your skin will glow and you will generally start to feel healthy.
Being ready for anything life has to throw at you.
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