How to Potty Train Puppy and Clean up pee pee

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      Housebreaking little puppy

      HOUSEBREAK: What we are aiming for here is being CONSTANT in training for at least 2 weeks until the pup has the hang !!!! Your life is not your own, you are being trained by Fido!

      step1=Attitude adjustment

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      Carpet Cleaner Steamer Remove ODORS

      A hand held carpet cleaner for spots is useful too. Also useful Steamer for cleaning tile, wood or linoleum floors. And if you need to gate off rooms a baby or pet gate helps contain puppy to same room. Hopefully you will have very very few "accidents".

      Make sure that you use enzyme cleaner or a solutio of 50/50 vinegar water to blot on cleaned urine spots. For marking dogs make sure to use vinegar mix higher up than where the dog marks (outrank your dog).

      You can buy a special light to spot any lingering spots. All odors need to be treated effectively or the puppy will return to spot. This is not the time to leave out your best wool area rug!

      Stp2 = Clean up all previous smells before and during training

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      crate train

      CRATES check out the various styles and buy one that is the right size. When puppy is under 4 months don't use it more than 2-4 hours at a time. I mainly use them at night. See link below for resources in crate training. Make sure crate is just large enough for pup to turn around and lay down.

      step 3=containment

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      TRAINING: Family Dynamics

      Next set up a Written Schedule for Food & Water.

      Here is my schedule. WE feed and water pups 3x daily. When pups are outside for a few hours I let them free water because they are outside.
      the times that work best for us are:
      7 am, 12pm & 6pm.
      IMPORTANT in AM, I let them out of crate and take outside before their meal!!!!

      After meals, I take the dogs out and throw the ball until they are ready to "go". As they go I tell them to "go". Some people prefer taking to one specific area and waiting.

      After they go I praise them and bring them in. AT night if they are really thirsty I water again around 8:00 or 8:30 and repeat the taking outside steps. Going to bed late. Pups usually go within 20-30 minutes of eating and outlasting them making sure they "do their duty" is important.

      step4= schedule everything

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      PRAISE pee pee

      IMPORTANT NOTE... when they do go the first few days BE calm but happy and even clap saying "good puppy" pet pet pet. Then I gradually back it down some notches. To good job - pat on head and favorite toy.

      step 5=Exuberant praise

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      Equpment Leash

      When Inside the House I either have in same room and am extremely watchful (some people leash puppies to themselves). By leashing to your body you will prevent many accidents or "oops" moments.

      step 6=watch watch watch

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      Vet exam

      Time for Vet Check : Whenever your pup has loose stool or vomits more than 2-3 times it is time to see the vet. Look at stools and if loose or if it has rice like particles call the vet. Better to be on top of things and spend a couple bucks for prevention, than to wait to long and have huge vet bill. If your dog is peeing excessively you might need to rule out UTI or other physical problems.

      step 7-vet check

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      Housebreak 101

      If you have several accidents you start all over with housebreaking 101. If it is nice weather take the opportunity to outlast your dog. Take a cuppa coffee and a good book outside and sit while you wait for your dog to urinate. Load him up on water before going out though!!!!
      Repeat this a few times in the day and make sure to reward massively for success!

      step 8 - It ain't over until it's over

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