Social Media Marketing with Google Plus

Unlike a typical social networking site, Google Plus is better known to be a corporate account providing the facility to share company information among a wide circle and encourage followers. It lets business owners connect their businesses with customers and drive more traffic to their websites, which will eventually lead to more conversions.

The entire process of utilizing Google + facilities to increase the traffic to a business website is termed as Google Plus Marketing. The most popular strategy to enhance Google Plus Marketing is to link your website with Google + page, either by creating a relevant Google + profile or mentioning about the website in the post. Apart from that, there are several strategies that encourage successful social media marketing with Google Plus. Let's explore the best ones among them.

Widen Connections with Circles and Use Ripples

Organize your Google + connections into various groups using ‘Circles' feature so that you can share posts with specific groups from which you can receive maximum traffic. You can sort connections into Circles of family, friends, social media, news and much more. Ripples is a Google Plus feature which can show up the entire circles of shares with a publicly shared post and help you connect with the most prominent influencers in your business field.

Submit Google+ Posts Consistently and Optimize for SEO

The PageRank for your posts in Google + will increase only if you post relevant content consistently. Higher PageRank will drive more traffic to Google+ posts and then to your blog or website. Write original content and use the right keywords throughout your posts for gaining a better place in search results. Add suitable images to your post for increasing the trustworthiness of the content. Approach a professional SEO company and employ search engine optimization on your entire content to make it more competent.

Encourage Interactive Google + Posts

An interactive Google+ post will have the facilities of call-to-action button and deep linking. Call-to-action button will help the customers take relevant action based on the product or service described in the post. For example, if you add the call-to-action label ‘Buy', then it will allow the customers to explore the ways to buy the product. Obviously, it can drive the attention of more customers to your post and eventually to your business website. Deep linking can direct the clicks received for interactive posts to Google + app installed in mobile devices so that it can drive traffic from mobile users too. Interactive posts will also include ‘Share' button for sharing the posts among circles. Here is an example of an interactive Google + post.


Utilize Google + Huddle and Hangouts

If you have added your customers into your Google + circles, you can communicate with them more effectively using Huddle and Hangouts. Customer feedback is obviously a key factor in any business. Huddle is a messaging application with group chat facility by which you can keep in touch with your customers and access their feedback. Hangouts provide you with video conferencing facility along with group conversation facility which is a very effective communication tool for social media marketing.

Add +1 Button to Business Websites

If you add Google's +1 Button to your business websites, it will give you an opportunity to recommend the content in those sites to friends and followers in your Google + account. Here is an example of ‘g+1' button with an article in SearchEngineLand, a popular eBusiness website. If you click the ‘g+1' button at the end of the article after logging into your Google Plus account, you can view a window with a text field to enter the e-mail address or Google Circles or Groups and ‘Share' button as in the first image. You can add the circles by clicking on the desired group.
In this way, your business website can attract the Google Plus audience and draw their attention towards the website.

Create a Business Page with Google + Account

Google + Business Page is the latest feature released by Google + solely for entrepreneurs. If you already have a Google + account, you can create a business page after choosing relevant items from five categories such as Local Business or Place, Product or Brand, Company, Institution or Organization, Arts, Entertainment or Sports and Others. Once you fill in this crucial information, you can customize the page by adding photo and tagline.
Google business page can give your business an identity and the information you have entered earlier will help your page come up in top search results during location specific search, product specific search and more. This will drive traffic to your page and gradually to your business website. Apart from that, it incorporates the facilities such as Ripples, Hangouts and +1 Button which open new possibilities of social media marketing.
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