Enjoy a Classic Rail Journey in India to See Picturesque Palaces and Forts

Those keen to experience holidays by rail will find no destination more captivating than India.
Rich in history, stunning architecture and markets of vivid colours, holidaymakers will find the country a treat for the senses.
Rail is the perfect way to see a variety of cities and sights and the impressive palaces and forts they are home to.
New Delhi, India's capital, is the ideal location to start your adventure.
Walking through the streets, you will notice colonial architecture and historical landmarks, as well as important political buildings such as the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the home of the Indian president.
It is also home to the Red Fort, a huge structure built in the 17th century and now a Unesco World Heritage site.
Meanwhile, those exploring New Delhi must make sure they discover Old Delhi as well.
With winding ancient streets, temples and colourful markets, the city offers a taste of a more traditional India.
The Shatabdi Express can be taken by those wishing to make their way to Shimla - an exciting mountainside town.
Disembarking at Kalka, travellers can then board the Toy Train, which also has Unesco World Heritage status, to travel to the destination.
Journeying through picturesque sights such as the Shivalik mountain range, passengers will reach the town of Shimla, situated some 7,000 ft above sea level.
It used to be a favourite getaway of the British escaping the hot sun and features many buildings that are British in appearance.
Exploring the area, visitors will find attractions such as the Viceregal Lodge, which used to be the summer seat of the viceroys, as well as Jakhu Temple, located on Shimla's highest peak and home to wild monkeys.
Those keen to see some Indian art can head to the State Museum, which features numerous Hindu artworks.
After having explored Shimla, visitors can return to New Delhi to board the famous Palace on Wheels - a train that will take passengers across northern India, stopping at several of the country's greatest cities along the way.
The first stop will be Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan.
One of its most notable sights is the Palace of the Winds, an incredible structure reminiscent of a honeycomb beehive in design.
Featuring some 953 small windows, all ornately decorated, these allowed women to observe life outside of the palace while maintaining purdah, the practice of keeping the face hidden.
Other attractions include three hilltop forts, such as Amber Fort, famed for its incredible craftsmanship and mixture of Hindu and Muslim design elements.
From here, the train travels on to Ranthambore National Park, home to majestic native creatures such as tigers and leopards.
Visitors can then travel to Chittorgarh, where an impressive fort is situated.
The Chittorgarh Fort is home to the Tower of Victory - one of the most famous towers in India.
Reaching upwards from a ten ft high pedestal, it is made up of some nine storeys, all featuring balconies and intricately decorated with images of gods and goddesses.
After boarding the train once more, passengers can then alight in Jaisalmar - a walled city surrounded by desert.
The city itself is filled with narrow, ancient streets and beautifully decorated merchants' houses.
Before returning to the Palace on Wheels, holidaymakers can enjoy an unforgettable camel ride in the desert.
The penultimate stop is Jodhpur, home to the Mehrangarh Fort situated 400 ft above the city itself.
Inside, holidaymakers can visit one of the best museums in the country, being one of the most well-stocked.
Terminating in Agra, passengers will find themselves in the home of the famous Taj Mahal - an absolute must-see.
A mausoleum constructed in the 17th century, it was created in memory of Mumtaz Mahal, third wife of emperor Shah Jahan.
However, the city is also home to many other attractions, such as the Agra Fort, which was once the seat of the Mogul empire and is regarded by many as the most important fort in India.
Those looking for holidays by rail will discover that India is a vibrant and exciting country to visit.
Teeming with stunning architecture and intriguing cities, holidaymakers will find themselves spoilt for choice when it comes to places to explore and things to see - and travelling by rail allows visitors to cover as much ground as possible.
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